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Nambu is an Insect Protein Company...

This transformation is achieved by feeding food and organic waste to the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly, known to science as Hermetia Illucens.

...that turns food waste into nutritious, environmentally friendly feed for

chickens, pigs, fish and pets.

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High in protein and packing a surprising amount of fat,

Black Soldier Fly Larvae 

are the perfect feed for your poultry, fish, livestock and pets.


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We'll customize our durable and proven growth systems to help you start your own self-sufficient

Black Soldier Fly 

breeding colony.


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We take organic waste (spoiled food and kitchen scraps) and use it to create a substrate.

 This is both the perfect habitat and source of nutrients for the Black Soldier Fly larvae.  

Once the larvae have reached maturity we sieve them out of the substrate.


Some of the larvae are then harvested and allowed to mature into adults in order to populated the next generation.

The Nambu Process

Nambu Group Insect Protein South Africa Process

The vast majority, however, are either sold as live feed stock or a processed into a protein feed. 


The substrate is harvested for use as a high value soil amendment or combined with additional organic matter to create a rich compost.

Our process reduces the burden on municipal garbage disposal, produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions

(even beating composting!) and rapidly repurposes nutrients that would otherwise be lost.